Sermons for August 25, In the year of our Lord Christ 2019

Class: Judgment on Judah and the Nations, Jeremiah 25

Class: Matters of Worship – Part 2, First Corinthians 11.17–34

Sermon: America and Christianity – Part 4

Sermon: To the Younger People

Class: Wicked Leaders, True Shepherd, Jeremiah 22–24

Sermon: America and Christianity: Part 3

Sermon: Jehovah-Qadash: The Lord Who Sanctifies You, Leviticus 22.31–33

Class: The Chaldens, Jeremiah 21

Class: Matters of Worship: Part 1, First Corinthians 11.2–16

Sermon: America and Christianity: Part 2

Jesus, The Passover Lamb

Outline of Jeremiah

Sermon: America and Christianity: Part 1

Sermon: Jehovah-Nissi: The Lord Is My Banner, Exodus 17.8–16

Sermon: We Named Her Sierra Dawn: Part 3

Sermon: The Wisdom of God and the Cross, by Brad Holm

Class: Outline of Jeremiah

Class: First Corinthians 10.1–11.1

Sermon: We Named Her Sierra Dawn: Part 2

Sermon: Jehovah-Rapha: The Lord Heals You, Exodus 15.22–26

Class: Outline of Jeremiah

Sermon: We Named Her Sierra Dawn, Luke 1.39–45

Class: Outline of Jeremiah

Class: First Corinthians 8

Sermon: Where, Why, and How to Praise the Lord, Psalm 150

Sermon: Jehovah-Jireh: The Lord Will Provide, Genesis 22.1–19

Class: Outline of Jeremiah

Sermon: What to Have in Your Mouth and in Your Hand, Psalm 149

Sermon: Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah, Psalm 148

Class: Outline of Jeremiah

Class: First Corinthians 7

Sermon: Joy, By Tim Braden

Class: First Corinthians 6

Sermon: Quench the Thirst of Your Enemy, Romans 12.19–21

Sermon: Praise Is Beautiful, Psalm 147

Class: Outline of Jeremiah

Class: First Corinthians 5

Sermon: Trust God, Not Man, Psalm 146

Sermon: Great Is the Lord, Psalm 145

Class: Outline of Jeremiah

Sermon: Our Heavenly Resource, Psalm 144

Sermon: God Is My Everything

Class: First Corinthians 4

Sermon: Praying to the Lord, Psalm 143

Sermon: The Name of God, Exodus 3.13–15

Class: Outline of Jeremiah

Class: First Corinthians 3

Sermon: Angels Behind the Scenes