Sermons for July 25th

Sermon: Christians Are Spiritual Levites

Sermon: Why Jesus Came to the Earth

Sermon: When the War Is God’s

Sermon: You Are the Salt of the Earth and the Light of the World

Sermon: The Growth of a Great Family

Sermon: You Are Heaven Famous

Sermon: The Great Are Great If They Are Good

Blood Drive: July 20

Sermon: The Fatherhood of Godly Men

Sermon: The Mighty Family Grows, 1 Chronicles 2

Sermon: Can We Have the Spirit of Joseph?

Sermon: What? First Chronicles One?

Sermon: Looking at Things Biblically Rather than Politically

Sermon: A Friend of Sinners

Sermon: The Pain and Joy of Motherhood

Sermon: Some Questions on Transgenderism

Sermon: Who Shall Not Fear the Lord and Glorify His Name? Revelation 15.3–4

Sermon: The Bible, The Church, and Transgenderism

Sermon: Names of God – Immanuel: God with Us

Sermon: He Gives His Beloved Sleep

Sermon: Anger

Sermon: God’s Word and Your Past

Sermon: Valiant Youth, Part 2

Sermon: Worthy, Revelation 4 and 5

Sermon: Valiant Youth, Part 1

Sermon: Death and the Christian

Sermon: Freedom of Speech and the Christian

Sermon: Are We Converting People or Are We Just Baptizing People?

Sermon: How Did Everything Get Here?

Sermon: Are You Afraid of the Judgment?

Sermon: The Bible and Food, Part 4

Sermon: Names of God – Entugchano—The God Who Intercedes

Blood Drive

Sermon: Building Faith in the Divinity of Jesus by Brad Holm

Sermon: The Bible and Food, Part 3

Sermon: The Dragon Is Enraged against the Woman, Revelation 12

Sermon: The Bible and Foods, Part 2

Sermon: Unsung Heroes of the Bible

Sermon: Male and Female God Created Them

Sermon: Baptism for the Dead

Sermon: When Everyone Does What Is Right in His Own Eyes

Sermon: The Roots of Our Debased Society

What Is Happening in America?

Class: The Seventh Trumpet of Judgment, Revelation 11

How Many Times Does the Constitution Reference Religion?

Live by Faith, Not by Fear

Ten Tortured Words, Part 4

What 2020 Taught Us

Ten Tortured Words, Part 3