Sermon: The Story of the Bible Leads to Jesus, Acts 7

Class: Ahaz Floods Judah with Idols, 2 Kings 16

Sermons for March 26, AD 2017

Class: Second Kings 15

Sermon: With Growth Comes Problems, Acts 6

Sermon: The Church Marches on in Works and Words, Acts 5

Class: Second Kings 15

Class: Second Kings 14

Sermon: Extra-Biblical Testimony for the Plagues of Egypt

Sermon: All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Noah’s Ark

Sermon: The Boldness of the Early Church, Acts 4

Class: Elisha Dies, 2 Kings 13

Class: Joash and Jehoiada, 2 Kings 12

Sermon: Has Science Solved More Ancient Mysteries of the Bible?

Sermon: Getting More than You Expected, Acts 3

Class: A Wicked Grandma, 2 Kings 11

Sermon: Has Science Solved the Ancient Mysteries of the Bible?

Sermon: It Finally Happened, Acts 2

Class: Jehu Executes God’s Wrath, 2 Kings 9–10

Class: Israel Continues Its Downward Slide, 2 Kings 8

Sermon: Archaeology and the Christian, 2

Sermon: Something Big Was about to Happen, Acts 1

Class: Continual Syrian and Israelite War, 2 Kings 6.8-7.20

Sermon: Archaeology and the Christian #1

Sermons: When You Are in Distress, Psalm 120

Class: Miracles of Elisha, 2 Kings 4.1-6.7

Class: Miracles of Elisha, 2Ki4.1-6.7

Sermon: “Faith” by Don Patton

Sermon: “History of Israel from Her Stones” By Don Patton

Class: Miracles of Elisha, 2 Kings 4.1–6.7

Sermon: Give Thanks to the Lord 2, Psalm 118.14–29

Sermon: Give Thanks to the Lord, Psalm 118.1–13

Class: One Like the Salt of the Earth, 2 Kings 3

Class: From Elijah to Elisha, 2 Kings 2

Sermon: Why the World Should Glorify the Lord, Psalm 117

Sermon: The Third 8 Reasons for Reading the Bible, Psalm 119.17–24

Class: From Elijah to Elisha, 2 Kings 2

Sermon: I Love the Lord, Psalm 116

Sermon: What About Christmas?

Class: Ahaziah Did Not Learn from His Father, 2 Kings 1

Class: Ahab’s End, 1 Kings 22

Sermon: Why Should the Secularists Say, Where Is Their God, Psalm 115

Sermon: Poetry in Action, Ephesians 2.1-10

Class: Ahab’s End, First Kings 22

Class: Ahab and Jezebel Intensify Their Sin, First Kings 21

Sermon: Report on Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort by Dale Linge