Sermons for August 14, 2022

Sermon: Names of God: El Chaiyai–God of My Life

Sermon: When You Should Worship God

Sermon: Decrease to Increase

Sermon: What Is the Big Deal about the Resurrection of Jesus?

Sermon: Women Preachers

Sermon: The Blessing of the New Covenant

Blood Drive

Sermon: What Christians Should Think about Critical Race Theory

Sermon: The Supremacy of God

What about Cremation?

Sermon: Tears

Sermon: There Was No Remedy

Sermon: Questions from Job for God

Sermon: They Found a Book

Sermon: Lessons from a Thief

Sermon: There Are More with Us than with Them

Sermon: The Days of Your Life

Sermon: God Prepares His People

Sermon: Pieces of Wisdom to Live by Before Meeting God

Sermon: How to Become Mighty

Sermon: Your Life Is in the Hand of God

Sermon: The Lord Is Able to Give You Much More

Sermon: Does Your Face Shine?

Sermon: A Man Who Had Seen Everything

Sermon: What Failing to Remember Kindness Does

Sermon: Things That Are Better

Sermon: What Evil Alliances Will Do

Sermon: Enjoy Life by Recognizing God’s Gifts

Sermon: Things that Leaders Do

Sermon: The Eighth 8 Reasons for Reading the Bible

Sermon: The Third, Second, and Greatest Nations

Sermon: The Great, The Greater, The Greatest

Sermon: Why Relying on the Lord Matters

Sermon: Think about Your Promises and Possessions

Sermon: When It Goes Well for a Nation

Sermon: We Need One Another

Sermon: Wisdom and Wealth

Sermon: Why God Does What He Does

Sermon: God’s Unlikely Choices Against Insurmountable Odds

Sermon: God Balances Life Beautifully

Sermon: Prayers that God Hears

Sermon: Is Wisdom Better than Foolishness?

Sermon: The Great and Wonderful Temple

Sermon: What Good Is Pleasure?

Sermon: Good Things About Being a Christian

Sermon: What Good Is Wisdom?

Sermon: What Shall God Give You?

Sermon: The Supreme Vanity

Sermon: Presenting Ourselves Before God

Sermon: Introducing the Words of the Preacher, Ecclesiastes 1.1

Red Cross Blood Drive

Sermon: Meditating on Scripture Will Change Your Life: Part 2

Sermon: The University of Hard Knocks

Sermon: Meditating on Scripture Will Change Your Life, Part 1

Sermon: Why Am I Downcast?

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