Fair-Minded People Respect Value

by Jared Jackson

I remember being told once how I had caused our Little League team to lose since I left early for Wednesday night Bible study. But I’ve always been grateful for my parents’ firm resolution: God comes first.

So I’ve been proud of my two boys for having good attitudes about “abandoning the team” for Bible study. God still comes first.

Without boasting (too much), Nicholas is a “star” player this year. He hits well, he’s a good pitcher, and a strong catcher. Matthew is younger but also is a good hitter and lightening fast. More importantly, both boys have great attitudes. They cheer up their teammates and most importantly, shake their coaches’ hands and say, “Thank you” after every practice and every game.

At the beginning of the year, I spoke with both coaches, letting them know that we would be leaving early for Bible study on any Wednesday night games. Both coaches were very understanding. In fact, Nicholas’ coach changed the schedule to make sure his “star” player wouldn’t miss any games.

I’ve explained to the boys that if you make yourself valuable by being a hard worker and respectful and if you excel in your role, people will accommodate your needs. There is a big lesson here: “Fair-minded people respect value.”