Nathan House begins teaching this class this coming Lord’s Day.

Download the Notes: 06102012WomenOfTheBible-WomenOfActsNathanHouse

Women of the Bible- Women of the book of Acts

Part I


  1. Acts 9:36-43- Tabitha
    1. How is she described in this text?
      1. What do you think it means to be “full of good works”? 
      2. What do you think it means to do “acts of charity”?
    2. How do the people respond to Tabitha’s death?
      1. Send for Peter
      2. Widows wept
      3. What does the outpouring of emotion indicate about her?
    3. What stands out to you about her?
    4. How was her influence seen? Can we imitate her?
  2. Acts 12:1-12- Mary and Rhoda
    1. What was about to happen to Peter (vs 4-6)? When?
    2. What was Peter doing? How does this strike you? Would you have been able to sleep?
    3. What does the angel do to awake Peter?
    4. In verses 6-10, how many miracles do you see?
    5. What does the text reveal about Mary of Jerusalem?
      1. She had a house
      2. The Christian’s were meeting there for prayer.
        1. What does this reveal about Mary?
          1. Perhaps wealthy
          2. Faithful
          3. Hospitable
        2. Peter was aware of Mary, and aware that the church gathered at her house for prayer (v 5, 12)
      3. How can we see her influence over her household?
        1. Her son Mark was a disciple of Christ. Peter apparently converted him (I Pt 5:13)
        2. Her servant Rhoda seems to be a disciple of Christ
    6. What does the text reveal about Rhoda?
      1. How does she know it is Peter? What does that reveal?
      2. She was a servant
      3. She loved Peter
      4. She was enthusiastic
    7. How was Mary’s influence seen in the church in the 1st century? How was Rhoda’s? How can we imitate these Christian ladies?