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Women of the Bible- Women of the book of Acts

Part II


  1. Acts 18:1ff- Priscilla
    1. Verses 1-4- What do we learn about Priscilla in this passage?
      1. Recently moved to Corinth from Rome
        1. Why did they leave Rome?
      2. She, along with her husband Aquila, were tent makers
        1. She worked. What does this show about her?
    2. Verses 18-23
      1. Who did Priscilla accompany and to where? Why does he leave them there?
        1. Her and her husband went with Paul to Syria.
        2. He then left them in Ephesus
        3. We are not told explicitly WHY he left them but it seems he left them there for the purpose of working in the church in Ephesus.
      2. What did Priscilla ask Paul to do? (See vs 20)
      3. What do we learn about her from these verses?
        1. She was willing to go to the work for Christ
        2. She was hospitable
    3. Verses 24-28
      1. Who do Priscilla and Aquila meet in Ephesus? What is said about this man?
        1. Eloquent man
        2. Competent- dynatos
        3. He was “instructed”
      2. Where do they meet him? What is he doing?
      3. What do they do? Would it be easier or more difficult for you to teach someone of Apollos ability? Why or why not?
      4. What does this reveal about her?
        1. What may be said of her bible knowledge? She knew the scriptures
        2. She knew the value in properly understanding “the way of God”
        3. She was a teacher
        4. She was confident in the message of God
    4. Rom 1:7, 16:3-5
      1. Where is she now?
        1. She has returned to Rome with her husband
      2. What does Paul say about her?
        1. She risked her neck for him
        2. She has a church meeting in her home
      3. Discuss this influential woman in light of this passage
    5. See also I Cor 16:19
      1. What does this passage, along with Rom 16:3-5 reveal about her level of dedication and care for the church?
  2. What areas of influence have we seen from Prisca?
    1. She was a hard worker- making tents, studying, having a church in her home
    2. She influenced through her hospitality-
      1. Paul (Acts 18:18ff)
      2. Church (Ro 16:3-5, I Cor 16:19)
    3. She influenced through her willingness to study and share the message
      1. Apollos (Acts 18:24-28)
    4. She has concern for the church (demonstrated by her continued care for the church in Ephesus and in Corinth, as well as the church in her house in Rome)
    5. Note their travels:
      1. Rome- Expelled by Claudius Caesar (Acts 18:1-3)
      2. Corinth- Meet Paul and begin their relationship
      3. Ephesus- Left here after traveling with Paul (Acts 18:18-19)
      4. Rome- returned at some point and had a church in their home (Ro 16:3-4)
      5. Ephesus- Working with the young preacher Timothy (II Tim 4:19)
      6. What can be said of their moves and their faith?
    6. What would you say of her level of commitment?