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Love in the Family 

Song of Solomon 8.8–10

Don Ruhl • Savage Street, Grants Pass, Oregon • November 14, In the year of our Lord, 2012



  1. Love Looks After Family – Song of Solomon 8.8, 9

    8 We have a little sister,
    And she has no breasts.
    What shall we do for our sister
    In the day when she is spoken for?
    9 If she is a wall,
    We will build upon her
    A battlement of silver;
    And if she is a door,
    We will enclose her
    With boards of cedar.

    1. We met her brothers in 1.6
      1. where we learned of their anger with her, but
      2. here they appear to care for her.
    2. Here the Song reminds us of what they had said to her when she was younger.
      1. If she lacked something, they would provide what she needed.
      2. If she was too open, they would provide protection.
    3. If she is a wall.
      1. What is the purpose of a wall?
        1. A wall keeps something out.
        2. How was the Shulamite a wall?
        3. So they is a picture of chastity or virginity.
      2. She will have a battlement of silver built upon her.
        1. What were the brothers saying here?
        2. This is a picture of the honor that they would give to her for her strength of character in maintaining her virginity.
    4. If she is a door.
      1. What is the purpose of a door?
        1. A door let someone in.
        2. How could the Shulamite be a door?
        3. Here the brothers are picturing a woman who is loose with her morals and undiscerning, but has been open to men who are not her husbands.
      2. She will be enclosed with boards of cedar.
        1. Notice that silver is not used, but cedar.
        2. There would be no honor in her character.
        3. They would do what they could to keep her pure from this day forward.
    5. Love cares.
    6. Love provides.
    7. Love builds.
    8. Love protects.
  2. Love Matures – Song of Solomon 8.10

    10 I am a wall,
    And my breasts like towers;
    Then I became in his eyes
    As one who found peace.
    (Song 8.10)

    1. She confessed that she had been a wall rather than a door.
      1. She had remained chaste.
      2. Therefore, her brothers could honor her.
    2. She was now a mature woman and could be married to Solomon.
      1. In the Shulamite, Solomon could find peace.
      2. Remember that both of their names mean peace.
    3. Love saves for someone special.
    4. Love gives peace.


  1. What shall we do with this section of the Song of Solomon? 
    1. Brothers and sisters should look out for one another.
    2. Love should promote peace.