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Be Not Anxious For Your Life 

Luke 12.22–34

Don Ruhl • Savage Street, Grants Pass, Oregon • January 6, In the year of our Lord, 2013


  1. Some May Think Problem Revealed In 12:31-21 Is Not Theirs Because They Do Not Have Abundance. 
    1. Only concerned with just getting by.
    2. But there is a danger in this also.


  1. Be Not Anxious For Your Life (Luke 12:22,23). 
    1. Be not anxious about even the necessities—12:22.
      1. Connection with 12:13-21.
      2. Being anxious for life draws a person away from God.
        1. Seeing selfish goals only.
        2. Placing faith in self not God.
    2. Life is more than food and clothing—12:23.
      1. Cf. verse 15.
      2. Food and clothing are simply necessities of this world.
      3. Life goes deeper than food and clothing.
        1. Romans 14:17.
        2. 1 Corinthians 8:8.

          8 But food does not commend us to God; for neither if we eat are we the better, nor if we do not eat are we the worse (1Co 8.8).

      4. God gave life and the body, so he can supply the lesser.
  2. The Lessons Of Nature (Luke 12:24-28).
    1. Consider the ravens—12:24.
      1. They do nothing to provide for themselves.
        1. They wait for a carcass.
        2. They are invited by others (see Natural History, 02/89).
      2. They do not starve because God feeds them.
      3. We are more valuable than birds.
        1. We provide for self.
        2. This is God’s method.
        3. So if a bird does not provide, but eats, then humans who do provide, plus God’s providence (rather God’s providence works through our efforts) we will surely be filled.
    2. The futility of anxiety—12:25,26.
      1. Can we live longer by anxiety?
        1. Probably live shorter.
        2. If longer, they are miserable because of anxiety.
      2. Anxious people are:
        1. Rarely happy, contented.
        2. Fearful of future.
        3. Sick frequently.
      3. Anxiety does not provide the little things (food and clothing), why be anxious concerning the rest (like adding to life)?
        1. Do not excuse self: “I know it is wrong, but…”
        2. Saying, “That is the way I am” does not answer Jesus’ question.
        3. Why do we insist on anxiety?
      4. Thoreau—pp. 82,83,87 (Modern Library edition).
      5. We are not happy because our wants are more than God’s promises.
    3. Consider the lilies—12:27.
      1. They grow freely.
        1. Without toiling and spinning they multiply.
        2. They provide food for bees, deer, et al.
      2. Solomon’s glory does not match one lily.
        1. 1 Kings 4:10.
        2. Nothing man creates excels God’s creation.
          1. Man cannot create a flower.
          2. Man imitates God’s flowers rather than vice versa.
    4. There is greater providence for us—12:28.
      1. God is willing to beautify the momentary grass, which we burn later (for heating).
      2. Man can become eternal; God naturally will beautify us.
      3. Anxiety is faithlessness.
  3. Prioritize (Luke 12:29-34).
    1. Do not seek the flesh first—12:29,30.
      1. Do not seek as though God cannot supply.
      2. Christians should excel the concerns of the nations.
        1. We have greater goals than they.
        2. We have higher purpose than meeting our physical needs.
      3. Let the Father’s knowledge of us move us to have confidence in him.
        1. We have a Father they do not.
        2. Our view of life should reflect this fact.
    2. Seek the spirit first—12:31.
      1. Give your energy to the kingdom.
        1. Our aim in life is greater than food and clothing—cf. verse 23.
        2. We are more than mere animals.
        3. The kingdom is a spiritual quest.
          1. Seek entrance.
          2. Seek its promotion.
      2. God will take care of the other matters for you.
        1. God knows what we need.
        2. We do not lack.
    3. The gift of the kingdom—12:32.
      1. He will not leave us empty.
      2. With pleasure gives the kingdom.
    4. Make heavenly treasure—12:33.
      1. Separate yourself from your possessions.
        1. This makes us uncomfortable.
          1. Cf. 6:20-27; 9:59-62; 14:26.
          2. No possessions—9:3; but possessions—22:35,36.
        2. Absolutely nothing is to stand in the way:
          1. Of Kingdom possession.
          2. Of faith.
        3. Luke 14:33.
      2. Build heavenly treasure.
        1. There is no greater investment.
        2. It is not subject to earthly problems.
        3. Selling and giving we learn—Acts 20:35.
    5. Your heart is in your treasure—12:34.
      1. Treasure captures us.
        1. Our attention.
        2. Our affection.
      2. Where is your attention and affection?
        1. Remember 10:38-42.
        2. Remember 8:14.


  1. Isaiah 55:1,2.
    1. Haggai 1:2-11.
    2. Which is greater: food and clothing or the treasure in the heavenly kingdom.