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Is America Islamophobic? 

Don Ruhl • Savage Street, Grants Pass, Oregon • February 20, In the year of our Lord, 2013

  1. Background to Class
    1. Cover of Time August 30, 2010
    2. Chart showing their numbers in the West
    3. Photo showing a mosque in rural America
  2. Should We Fear Islam?
    1. Yes, politically we should.
    2. Yes, because we do not want anyone to convert to it.
    3. No, because it is a falsehood.
    4. No, because of the warning of Jesus in Matthew 10.28
  3. The Purpose of This Class
    1. Not a political discussion
    2. Not what the government should do
    3. What the church and Christians should do
  4. Why Has This Happened? (Aside from political issues)
    1. Have Christians followed Matthew 5.13–16?
    2. Have Christians and the church followed:
      1. Tts1.16
      2. Tts2.7
      3. Tts2.14
      4. Tts3.1
      5. Tts3.8
      6. Tts3.14
    3. The church has backed off on its boldness with Christianity.
    4. We are more concerned about worldly things.
    5. Then again, it might not be our failings at all; it is just humanity continuing to move since the Tower of Babel.
    6. We have not gone to them, therefore, God has brought them to us.
  5. What Should We Not Do?
    1. Is this different from dealing with others?
      1. We fear Muslims.
      2. However, Jesus told us not to fear them.
    2. What are some things we should not do when dealing with unbelievers?
    3. 2Co 10.3–6
  6. What Should We Do?
    1. Does the Great Commission apply in converting Muslims?
    2. How should we live our lives before anyone outside the church?
      1. Matt 5.43–48 (See also Luke 6.27–36)
      2. Col 4.5, 6
      3. 1Pe 2.11–17
      4. 1Pe 3.1
      5. 1Pe 3.8–17