By Ron Thomas


In this month’s Christian Chronicle (March 2013) there is an interview with a NBA (National Basketball Association) player named Norris G. Cole, II. He is a member of the Lord’s church in Miami and attends services of the local congregation whenever he can.

Attending the services of the Lord’s church is important to him because it was instilled within him by his parents. His parents set the tone for all their children with regard to all activities. If an event in their early life was on Wednesday or Sunday then whoever was in charge of that event or activity understood that the parents put a priority on the Lord and not the event or activity. In other words, the child did not attend the event or activity.

I remember we instilled in our own daughters the same lesson. It was not always easy to instill this lesson, but it was one we believed in. Some decisions in life are made and experienced with regret; there is no regret, however, in choosing to be with the Lord’s people when they meet—it’s an impression that lasts much longer.

Some parents, because they don’t have the priority they need, complain that to do as Norris’ parents did would scar the child in some perceived way, maybe prevent the child from certain things within the peer group, perhaps even preventing them from achieving the highest goal. One NBA player doesn’t think so.