Often people hear something, but do not bother to investigate by going to the original source. However, Israel did the right thing when they heard of an awful crime in the tribe of Benjamin, asking a man, “…the children of Israel said, ‘Tell us, how did this wicked deed happen?’” (Jdg 20.3).

Israel should also have approached Benjamin with the same question, for once they heard the man report on the crime, Israel went to fight Benjamin. Israel investigated, but in my estimation they should have gone further.

Nevertheless, they did something about the crime, ridding the nation of evil. DR




Sometimes persistence will get you further than friendship will. Jesus said that if we went to a friend and asked him for food, because another one of our friends had come to town and we were not prepared and it was late at night, that though the friend from whom we asked for food would not give the food because of our friendship, yet, if we persisted the friend would give in and give what we asked.

However, God is not like that. He will give what we need because He loves us and is our Father. Therefore, if persistence pays off with an unwilling friend, it will surely pay off with a willing heavenly Father (Luke 11.5–8).

Be persistent in prayer. DR