By Nathan House


During the reign of Jehoram, King of Israel, Ben-hadad King of Syria, brought a great siege against the capitol city of Samaria. The conditions inside the shut-up city were so horrible that mothers began to eat their own children (2 Kings 6:26-29). In these desperate times, four lepers, who were living as outcasts in Israel, decided to throw themselves at the mercy of the Syrians. When they approached the camp, they found the Syrian camp empty (7:5). By the hand of God, the Syrians had been struck with fear and fled, leaving everything behind (7:7). The four lepers went into the Syrian camp and ate and drank. They carried off many of the possessions of the Syrians that had been left.

However, they realized that while they were feasting, the people in the city of Samaria were literally starving to death. They said to each other, “We are not doing right. This day is a day of good news. If we are silent and wait until the morning light, punishment will overtake us” (7:9). It is from this admission of the lepers that a powerful point can be made. They realized that there was a responsibility in sharing good news. To not share this good news, this deliverance of God, was “not doing right.” They further understood that there would be punishment for failing in sharing this good news.

How does this apply to us today? It is interesting to note that Isaiah 52:7 speaks of one who brings “good news” as having beautiful feet. It is a beautiful thing to bring good news. For the Christian today, the gospel is that “good news.” This good news has been given to us. While we are enjoying the fruits of that good news, there are people living in horrible conditions, in great spiritual need. The lepers rightfully concluded that not sharing the good news was “not right.” If there was a responsibility upon them to share the good news of physical relief, what responsibility should we feel in bringing the good news of spiritual relief? The apostle Paul said that this good news is the “power of God for salvation to everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16). Can we sit by and enjoy the blessings of the gospel without feeling the responsibility to share that message? Let us have the type of feet that bring good news!