Without the Word of God

By M. G. Phillips

A friend recently pointed out a verse that explains some of our problems today:

Where there is no Word from God, the people cast off restraint.  (Proverbs 29:18)

When did America begin her downward spiral? When we threw God out of our schools…then children heard less about Him. They were no longer exposed to God’s Word in a public setting; sadly, their parents quit going to church and they did not hear God’s Word there, either. With nothing to guide them in the strait and narrow way, they grew up not knowing what God would have them do. Soon, abortion was an acceptable form of birth control; euthanasia was an acceptable way to avoid caring for aging parents; homosexuality was just as good as heterosexuality; marriage was of no consequence; children outside of marriage became so common that now there are as many babies born to unwed mothers as there are to married ones.

What is the answer? Every Christian has GOT to be willing to stand up and be counted for God. Political correctness is a sin, because it denies what God has taught us. We may be laughed at, we may be both persecuted and prosecuted, but if we are to claim to be children of God, we MUST stand up and be counted on the side of righteousness. When some subject comes up, are you willing to stand up and stand firm for the Word of God?