Having a heart for God


As King Solomon spoke to Israel at the dedication of the new temple, he said this of his father, “Now it was in the heart of my father David to build a temple for the name of the LORD God of Israel. But the LORD said to my father David, ‘Whereas it was in your heart to build a temple for My name, you did well that it was in your heart. Nevertheless you shall not build the temple, but your son who will come from your body, he shall build the temple for My name’” (1Ki 8.17–19).

God commended David for the intentions of his heart, but ultimately God rules over all things, and He did not want David to build the house, but for his son to build it.

What fills your heart for God? If it harmonizes with His written word, go for it, after you have spoken to God in prayer about it.

If He decides that He does not want you to do it, He will stop you, and have you do something else. DR


The guilt begins to simmer


After Jesus died, and after the Roman centurion in charge of the crucifixion confessed the righteousness of Jesus, Luke noted this about the people, “And the whole crowd who came together to that sight, seeing what had been done, beat their breasts and returned” (Luke 23.48).

The manner in which Jesus died, affected the people, and they beat their breasts in agony that they may have killed a righteous man, perhaps even the Son of God.

Then many days later, Peter preached his famous Pentecost sermon and the hearts of the people were ready, and about three thousand people turned to the Lord.

God does not rush things, but He convicts us of sin, and lets the guilt do its work, and when we are ready He sends someone to help. DR