God’s Silence Is Not the Same As Our Silence

When we do something wrong, and someone knows about it, but says nothing, we conclude that we have gotten away with that deed, which might be the case with man.

However, when we do something wrong, and God does not punish us for it right away, we should not conclude that He has ignored it, for He said to the wicked, “These things you have done, and I kept silent; you thought that I was altogether like you; but I will rebuke you, and set them in order before your eyes” (Psalm 50.21).

Do not misinterpret God’s silence as either endorsement or that He did not see it.

If we do not repent, He will take care of the matter, and that is not something that we want to happen. DR

Now that Was One Bad Storm

Have you pictured in your mind the storm that Paul and Luke, and some others endured on the way to Rome? “When the south wind blew softly, supposing that they had obtained their desire, putting out to sea, they sailed close by Crete. But not long after, a tempestuous head wind arose, called Euroclydon. So when the ship was caught, and could not head into the wind, we let her drive. And running under the shelter of an island called Clauda, we secured the skiff with difficulty. When they had taken it on board, they used cables to undergird the ship; and fearing lest they should run aground on the Syrtis Sands, they struck sail and so were driven. And because we were exceedingly tempest-tossed, the next day they lightened the ship” (Acts 27.13–18).

If you continue reading the biblical text, you will see more that Luke shows of the storm, yet, through it all, Paul kept a cool head.

The way to keep calm in the storms of life is to live by faith in God, which does not mean that He removes the storms, but that He guides you through them, and knowing that your life is in His hands, brings peace to the soul.