Class: Investigating and Defending the Gospels #15


Investigating and Defending the Gospels #15

Is apologetics only for the experts?

First Peter 3.15

Don Ruhl • Savage Street, Grants Pass, Oregon • March 9, In the year of our Lord, 2016

Many Christians made the decision to be saved, but they never went further. They should have examined the evidence, then learned how to defend it. Do you know what you believe and why? Can those reasons hold up under scrutiny?

Often what happened was, our belief was merely our opinion. When that opinion hit the reality of everyday living, we did not know what to do. Many fall away. Such a faith is only good during the assembly, because it is not challenged much.

Investigate the Claims of the New Testament

As you search the Scriptures and discover its accuracy on cities, empires, etc., realize that you have to go further and investigate Jesus Himself. One way to do that is to do what He says. See whether it works or not. Then consider the credibility of His claims.

What do you think of the miracles of Christ? If He came from God, would we not expect Him to do miracles? Why? What do miracles say?

Is the Gospel record such that you believe what it says about Jesus, and that you will put your trust in Him?

If Christianity merely asserts an opinion, should we live and die for it? What do you think of John 14.6?

Why Do We Trust Juries?

Think of it, We ask non-experts to make the most important decisions! What does it take to make a good juror? Does not the average Christian need the same? Are you not an expert in something? Have you thought of using that to argue for Christianity and to defend it?

Are You Prepared to Speak and to Defend the Truth?

Eph 4.11–12

1Pe 3.15

Do not leave this work to the so-called experts. Do you have to be an English teacher to write a letter?