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Genesis 1–3 and Revelation 20–22 Compared 

What we lost in Eden, we gain in Heaven, and what we gained in Eden will be lost in Heaven

Don Ruhl • Savage Street, Grants Pass, Oregon • June 1, In the year of our Lord, 2016


  1. For the ending of my class on the age of the Earth, 
    1. I proposed that the light of Genesis 1.3 could be one of two things:
      1. The initial light from which God later created the stars,
        1. stretching them out from that original source and
        2. making the stars on the fourth day.
          1. If the light of Genesis 1.3 was not the light that God used to create the extraterrestrial lights,
          2. then He did create something from the Bible says He stretched out the heavens.
          3. We have already examined those passages.
      2. Or the light could have been God Himself,
        1. letting His light shine into the darkness
        2. until He made the stars, Sun, and moon on day four.
    2. Support for the idea comes from two sources:
      1. Second Corinthians 4 makes a connection
        1. between the light God commanded in Genesis 1.3 and
        2. God shinning in our hearts,

          6 For it is the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness, who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ (2Co 4.6).
      2. For the next one I want to use the rest of the lesson to explain it.
  2. The first three chapters of the Bible 
    1. show good things that we lost and
    2. bad things that we gained.
  3. However, the last three chapters of the Bible 
    1. show the good things regained and
    2. the bad things lost.
  4. First, I will show you those things, 
    1. then I will show you
    2. the item that I suggest as a possibility for the source of light in Genesis 1.3.


  1. Natural Creation 
    1. Gained: Gen 1.1
    2. Lost: Rev 20.11
  2. A Home for Man 
    1. Gained: Gen 2.8
      1. Lost: Gen 3.22–24
    2. Regained: Rev 21.9–11
      1. The rest of chapter 21 and 22 show a Garden of Eden-like setting
  3. The Serpent 
    1. Gained: Gen 3.1
    2. Lost: Rev 20.10
  4. Pain and Sorrow 
    1. Gained: Gen 3.8
    2. Lost: Rev 7.13–17; 21.4
  5. The Curse 
    1. Gained: Gen 3.16–19
    2. Lost: Rev 3.3–4
  6. The Tree of Life 
    1. Gained: Gen 2.9
      1. Lost: Gen 3.22–24
    2. Regained: Rev 22.2, 14
  7. The Light 
    1. Gained: Gen 1.3
      1. Lost: Gen 1.14–19
      2. The Light of Gen 1.3 went away because of the natural light
    2. Regained: Rev 21.23–26; 22.5
      1. God shall provide our light even as the sun provides our light on Earth.
      2. This seems to fit the pattern of gains, losses, and regains.
    3. Therefore, there is a strong possibility that the light of Genesis 1.3 is God’s light.