Thinking on God

My friends,

I have published my first book. Here is a description:

Who is God? How do we even begin to answer the question? Is he so infinitely great that our words cannot possibly capture his essence? Or is God so intimately personal to our hearts and souls that it is impossible to articulate his character and nature? Yet whether God is infinitely high or intimately personal, we have one way to know God in a way we can collectively fathom—through the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

Thinking on God is an earnest and thoughtful collection of biblical and religious arguments for the proof of God’s existence, and author Don Ruhl dwells on the character of both God and humanity while helping fellow believers see how reflecting on God’s majesty and awesome power can bring us closer to him and his creation. The life and ministry of Jesus Christ play a central role in our getting to know God, and it is through Christ that we see God’s essence—his power, glory, grace, patience, mercy, holiness, and goodness. And yet in the end, it may surprise us that the King of kings will ultimately serve us, his loyal servants, in humility.

We see God in his creation, and we know God through Christ. When we seek God and come to know him in all his majesty, power, and grace, we will discover who God is and be able to set a course for our lives. Let us therefore not go through a single day without thinking on God.

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