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God Created Camels 

How could camels evolve in the dessert? 

Genesis 1.24–25 

Don Ruhl • Savage Street, Grants Pass, Oregon • August 4, In the year of our Lord Christ, 2019 


  1. Many people asked whether we got to ride camels during our Middle-East trip. 
    1. Yes, we did and 
    2. it made me think of them as yet another demonstration of creation. 
      1. These animals fit their environment perfectly, 
      2. although they may have been able to live in other environments. 
        1. For example, we have uncovered fossil evidence of camels in 
        2. Lake and Wheeler Counties in Oregon! 
  2. Interestingly, even as we have signs warning of deer or other animals crossing the road, 
    1. so in Israel at least we saw signs warning of camels. 


  1. Some Unique Features of Camels 
    1. The hump 
    2. Their feet 
    3. the way their legs bend 
    4. How long they can go without eating or drinking 
    5. How much and how fast they can drink 
    6. Double eye lashes 
    7. How does something like that evolve? 
  2. God Created Camels 
  3. Some Think the Patriarchs Could Not Have Had Camels 
    1. They believe that when the Bible says Abraham and other early biblical people had camels, 
      1. that the Bible was not right. 
    2. They would argue that camels were not domesticated that early. 
      1. Why do they believe that? 
      2. Because they have not found archaeological or paleontological evidence of it. 
        1. What they believe is 
        2. “absence of evidence is evidence of absence.” 
    3. They do this to undermine Moses as the writer of Genesis. 
      1. The Bible affirms in both the Old and New Testaments 
      2. that Moses wrote the first five Books of the Bible, 
        1. including Jesus. 
          1. If you can prove that the Bible is wrong on the “authorship” of Moses, 
          2. then you cannot rely on the Bible. 
            1. They hence declare that it is not inspired, 
            2. that it is a fairy tale and that you should discard it. 
    4. However, that is a bad argument to make. 
      1. Should you argue that since we have not found any proof of it, 
      2. that means your argument is sound? 
        1. That assumes that everything that archaeologists and paleontologists 
        2. will discover has been discovered. 
          1. What will happen is that we will find evidence of the domestication of camels in Abraham’s time, and 
          2. the skeptics shall again be proven wrong. 
    5. Matthew 12.36–37