When God blesses nations and churches


The Lord had Moses reveal to Israel the blessings for obeying the Law of Moses, and in Deuteronomy 28.8–13, he noted these blessings for obedience:

  1. He would bless all that they set their hand to do.
  2. He would bless them in the land.
  3. He would establish them as a holy people.
  4. The peoples of the earth would fear Israel.
  5. Israel would be fruitful in their bodies, with their livestock, and in the ground.
  6. He would send the rain.
  7. Israel would lend and not borrow.
  8. Israel would be the head and not the tail.
  9. Israel would be above only, and not below.

Let every nation today hear how the Lord would bless Israel and why He would do it.

Let every church see that we are also to obey the Lord that He may bless our home congregation in the Spirit, and the people in our towns will see it and want to be part of us. DR


The day the sun refused to shine


Jesus said that the sun belongs to our Father in heaven (Matthew 5.45). Therefore, we should not be surprised to read, that when puny men were crucifying the Son of God, “there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour” (Mark 15.33).

  • For three hours the sun refused to shine upon the wicked human race.
  • For three hours the sun could not stand the sight of what these atom-sized creatures in comparison to the sun were doing to the Son of its owner.
  • For three hours the sun would not bless mankind who wanted to torture to death the Son of God.
  • Darkness filled the earth for three hours, symbolizing the darkest day in history.
  • Darkness covered the earth that man might see his condition without the Son of God.
  • Darkness overwhelmed the planet because man did not deserve even the least of God’s blessings. DR